School Says State-Required Defibrillator Saved Studen
February 5, 2007
Quick Thinking Saves a Life at Wrestling Match
February 27, 2007
Pictured (left to right): Physical education teacher Joe Mercado, Nurse Edwina Cook, Survivor Sadrettin Akgun, Nurse Ana Andersen and Custodian Tom Gortman.
On February 14, 2007, Sadrettin Akgun, a custodian at Meadow Elementary School in the Baldwin School District, suffered cardiac arrest while shoveling during the ice storm. Two nurses, Edwina Cook and Ana Andersen, and Joe Mercado, a physical education teacher, quickly administered CPR and used the school’s defibrillator to literally bring Ms. Akgun back to life.
Recently, John and Karen Acompora presented awards to rescuers from Meadow Elementary School in Baldwin, NY for their role in saving the life of Sadrettin Akgun.