CPR Training Schedule

American Heart Association

This class is for the layperson, youth or adult volunteer. It is not a healthcare provider or occupation certification class
Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation
LOCATION William J. Brosnan School 158 Laurel Ave. Northport NY
Cafeteria 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

November 15 Tuesday

December 12 Monday


January 18 Wednesday

February 16 Thursday

March 30 Thursday

April 5 Wednesday

April 18 Tuesday

May 15 Monday

June 5 Monday


Training classes are at a reduced cost for new students and re-certification students
$15.00 for all students  (New guidelines for 2016 require a new AHA manual for students after 4.2016)

Instructional manual
American Heart Association Certification Card

To schedule 3 hour training session Contact

Karen Acompora by Email
E-mail: k-acompora@la12.org
Telephone# 631-754-1091

Please include your address, phone number and organization you are coaching if

Payment can be made at time of class: checks are payable to Louis J. Acompora Memorial Foundation